Utility Billing

Payment Options

The City offers options to pay your utility bill including online (credit/debit, e-check and auto pay), phone, mail and in-person.
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Utility Rates

To view the amounts that make up your utility bill, visit the Utility Rates page.

Residential accounts are billed on a quarterly basis; commercial accounts are bill monthly. View the Oakdale utility billing cycle map.

Discount Forms

The City offers discounts on utility persons for disabled persons and senior citizens. Please view and complete the appropriate forms:

Delinquent Utility Bill

Whether it's a lost payment, a missed payment, or something else, city staff will work with you to straighten out the matter to get your utility bill account current. The Utility Payment Delinquency page has details on added charges, service shut-offs, and more.

Your Water and Sewer Service

Your city utility bill includes charges for water usage, sanitary sewer, community-wide street lighting, storm water management, and Minnesota testing fee. The amount paid covers the cost of providing these services, improvements to the systems, and general maintenance and repairs. 

Start New Service

Moving into a new place? You can choose to complete the Utility Start Service form or call 651-730-2710 to set up your new service. 

Stop Service

If you are moving, you will want to request a final utility bill from the city and have the account taken out of your name. You can choose to complete the Utility Stop Service form or call 651-730-2710.

Stop Water Service Temporarily

If you are planning to be out of your residence for three months or more, consider having your water service shut off at the curb during that time. Doing so can prevent leaks, possibly prevent pipes from freezing, and save you money on your utility bill. There is no charge to have your water turned off at the curb, however, a $55 turn-on fee will be applied to your utility account when water service is restored. Prior to your return, the city will need to gain entry to your home to restore service. To make arrangements to have your water service turned off or restored, please complete the Temporary Water Disconnection form or call 651-730-2710.

Average Sewer Usage

Every winter during residential billing quarters, annual average consumption is re-established for sewer charges. This takes into consideration the water going into your sanitary sewer and not outside water use. Depending on your water usage during this quarter, you could see a change on your utility bill.

Your Water Meter

Your water meter is read with an automated reading device. The "Read Code" on your bill tells you how your meter was read. If the automated read was successful, your bill will say either "Actual" or "Radio Read". If the attempt was unsuccessful due to interference or other reasons, your bill will say "Estimated Read". If you receive two "Estimated Read" bills in a row, please contact the city as an appointment may be needed to identify and resolve the issue.

Water Meter Leak Indicator

The water meter in your home has a "leak indicator" that flashes for an intermittent leak or is on constant display for a continuous leak. Common culprits are appliances, fixtures, and toilets. The indicator looks like a faucet icon and is displayed on the LCD screen of your meter. The LCD screen is easily activated by a flashlight. If the leak icon is displayed, it is important for you to track down the source(s) and fix the leak(s). You can pick up free toilet dye test kits at City Hall, 1584 Hadley Avenue or call 651-730-2710.