Right of Way Permits

The City requires that utility work within the Right of Way (ROW) be performed by a company authorized as a public utility by the MN Public Utilities Commission (MPUC).  Entities that own utilities/facilities that will remain in the ROW must complete a registration form annually (form available below).

Registration Form for ROW Utility Owners or Contractors (DOC)

Notice to Excavators and Operators (MN Statute) (PDF) 

Minnesota Public ROW Standards

A right of way permit is required for any of the following:

  • Placement of equipment (e.g.; cabinets, pedestals, etc.)
  • Placement of facilities (e.g.; cable, gas, electric, fiber optic, etc.)
  • Obstruction of the boulevard or a driving or parking lane.

Review the ROW Permit Requirements (PDF)

Right-of-Way Permit Application

ROW Fee Schedule

Any disturbed areas must be back-filled and stabilized (e.g.; sodded, mulched and seeded, etc.).  Any damaged curb, concrete, or pavement sections must be replaced in-kind according to the original design specs and the Street Restoration Plates (PDF).

Contact the Engineering Department to receive final approval once a proposed route has been marked and the utilities have been located.