Medallion Hunt

2022 Medallion Hunt - MEDALLION FOUND ON JUNE 22

Finder of the medallion claims a $500 prize! The Summerfest Medallion Hunt is sponsored by the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC).


  1. Medallion is located on public property (but never in Walton Park) and accessible via public property, so no need to go onto private property.
  2. Medallion is located where the finder does not need to swim, dig, or disturb landscaped areas or planters.
  3. The following persons are not eligible to participate in the medallion hunt: members of the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce (OACC) and their immediate family members, elected officials, employees, and commissioners of the City of Oakdale and their immediate family members.

Things to know:

  1. Clues are revealed below at 8 AM each day; a total of five clues. 
  2. When the medallion is found, notification will be posted on the city website.


CLUE #1 on Monday, June 20:

Tomorrow it starts in our hemisphere
all of the daylight; the most ever all year.

The Oakdale Chamber, is proud and happy again 
to sponsor and create the annual search for that medallion.

The rules are the same, you’ve likely memorized them by now: 
no digging, no climbing, no swimming will the City or Chamber allow.

This year’s medallion team is steadfast and committed, though admittedly blue.
You see, last December we sadly bid farewell to our wonderful Sue.

As in years past, this clue once again establishes to searchers that it is not necessary to climb or dig or swim to find or access the medallion. The key point of this clue is the word hemisphere. Tomorrow (June 21st) at 4:14am CDT, the summer solstice arrives in the NORTHERN hemisphere. This is the initial indication of where, in the city, the medallion is hidden.

CLUE #2 on Tuesday, June 21:

Please, please, please, tell the Chamber so they know….
Email your support for the medallion hunt to continue in the future so it doesn’t get the old heave ho.

The smiles, the happiness, the fun that it brings,
Oakdale Summerfest would simply not be the same without all these things.

Come on now, get those typing fingers ready and do it for Sue.
It will protect and assure next year’s hunt once you do.

INFO@OAKDALEAREACHAMBER.ORG: Please send an email to the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce with a very short note that you really want to see the medallion hunt continue in future years. If you care to share more, feel free to do that too. Thank you in advance for your input and feedback.

The medallion hunt has, once again, come under scrutiny by the City and the OACC (Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce). They are simply trying to determine if this medallion hunt event is still relevant and valuable to the city residents. They are attempting to get a better idea on just how many people actually participate in the medallion hunt. The other key to this clue is relative to the words Protect and Assure. The business, Assured Protection Insurance, previously occupied the corner office space in the strip mall on 56th Street and Geneva Avenue near the location of this year’s medallion.

CLUE #3 on Wednesday, June 22:

A cornerstone of Summerfest is always the parade.
Remember this year, there’s a change that’s been made.

Friday’s the new night to line 15th Street for the event.
Show up on Thursday and your time will not be well spent.

So many places in the city for that little plastic disk to rest.
The thinking, the analyzing, the calculating really puts your mind to the test.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the children playing before your eyes.
This image in the back of your head will help you discover the prize.

Shall you come with a couple or bring the whole crew?
A mirror and fish says our friend, and cluesmith, Sue.

The first part of this clue is a reminder and notification that the Summerfest Parade, historically on Thursday evening, has been changed this year to Friday evening. Sit back, relax and enjoy the children playing is in reference to sitting on the park bench looking out on to the playground. Behind the bench (…in the BACK of your mind….) and beyond the path just inside the tall grass is where the medallion lies. The mirror and fish reference some of the play equipment at Golfview Park that you would see if you sat on this bench and looked immediately in front of you.

CLUE #4:

Hillsborough was also part of the Queen’s Jubilee
The estate, the gardens, the lush greenery.

For goodness sakes, Sue, what should we make of these things?
The court onsite or the joy from the swings?

The reference to the historic royal palace, Hillsborough, is more of what is not mentioned in the clue. Hillsborough is a CASTLE. The castle is also known for its beautiful and lush gardens. The key word in this clue is “greenery”. The connection here is Castle and greenery, or simply the word, green. Combine them and you have Castle Green(s). Castle Greens was a bar, restaurant, entertainment, golf course venue overlooking Silver Lake but on the Oakdale side of Geneva Avenue. The old golf course clubhouse is now Sanctuary Church. The “court” refers to the basketball court, “onsite” to the name on the portable bathroom, “joy” to Joy Park in North St. Paul across Geneva Avenue and “swings” to the 4 swings in the play area. All of these points of reference would place you in very close proximity to the medallion location. 

CLUE #5:

The searchers and seekers have now flocked to Golfview.
You should consider joining them after reading this clue!

The landscape blocks that create the retaining wall….
Now head west of that spot for your monetary haul.

Three feet in the tall grass is the zone.
Nestled in the weeds and right next to the stone.

Of course, you’ll recycle that water bottle…. Please, do it for SUE. 
This medallion hunt would have never lasted had it not been for YOU! 


Behind the single park bench, beyond the small retaining wall and beyond the walking path just into the tall grassy and overgrown area, nestled on the ground next to a rock is a small plastic water bottle. That bottle was painted green to blend well into the natural surroundings. The medallion was placed inside this water bottle.

     As you can also tell, Sue (Barry) is a prominent theme in each of this year’s clues. As noted in the first clue, our beloved city clerk of 40+ years retired at the end of 2021. Sue was an incredibly devoted and passionate employee and gave her heart and soul to the city in so many ways: many that were not part of her job description; including Summerfest clue writer, managing the clues on the website, and, essentially, every other capacity and aspect of the Summerfest Medallion Hunt over the past 20+ years. Her shoes have been and will continue to be very hard to fill.  If you have participated in this event over the years, casually or intensely, by yourself or with your family, the current committee would like to ask you to drop a short note or thank you to Sue at the email address below.

     Thanks for participating. Next up: 2023 – Hopefully?? If you have not taken the time yet to voice your support for this community event, please do so at Your input and vote in favor of having the City and OACC continue this event in the future will determine if it remains part of Summerfest 2023. Fingers crossed that we hear from you and see you back here in 2023.