Street Improvement Program - Project 2

Annual Street Improvement Program

In 1989, the City of Oakdale put a pavement management program into place to ensure the routine maintenance of our streets. This program rates all the streets in the community, block by block, and provides a basis to determine which streets will be selected to be improved each year.

Proposed Improvements: 2023

The neighborhoods in the 2023 Project 2 area have streets that are at the end of their service life as well as additional issues related to utilities. The streets impacted by this project area include Hydram, Upper 16th, 17th, Helmo Ave Bay and Upper 26th and can be viewed on the project map.

Proposed improvements for the 2023 street improvement project include:

  • Removal and Replacement of Asphalt
    • Opportunity to Remove Monument/Boulevard at Hydram & 15th
  • Utility Repairs
    • Fire Hydrants & Gate Valves
    • Sanitary Sewer Sealing
    • Storm Sewer Repairs 
    • Clean out areas by pond inlets and outlets
  • Street Light Fixture Replacement with LED Fixtures
  • Street Signing Evaluation and Replacement
  • Private Utility Improvements (gas, electric, phone, cable)

Special Assessments

The total estimated cost for the project is $955,315. The city will finance 79% of the total project, and the balance will be paid by special assessments.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 24. 
View the Public Hearing information

Project Introduction - Neighborhood Informational Video

Every year the city produces a virtual neighborhood informational video to introduce the project to residents located within the project area. The purpose of the meeting is to talk about the City’s program, share preliminary findings of the feasibility report, process, and City policies, including special assessments. 

Interactive Project Map