Electric Vehicles

Thinking about going electric? The City of Oakdale has prepared this page as a resource for residents, businesses and property owners regarding electric vehicles (EVs).

Greenhouse gases (GHGs), like the carbon dioxide released when vehicles burn gasoline, trap heat in and impact the atmosphere. Because the transportation sector in particular is a significant producer of GHG emissions in Minnesota, widespread use of EVs by individuals and businesses is one strategy that may help reduce the impact of GHG emissions. Recognizing recent growth in electric vehicle offerings and in the regional charging station network, City of Oakdale staff completed a study in 2021 to prioritize EV-ready actions that will help enable the use of EVs now and in the future.

View City of Oakdale EV-Ready Community Study

The City of Oakdale facilitates EV readiness by incorporating language about electric vehicles into the City Code Book, documenting charging infrastructure best practices, and sharing resources so residents and business owners can learn more about EVs.

City Code

In 2022, Oakdale City Council adopted Ordinance 883, which incorporates requirements about electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the City’s Code Book. The changes of the City Code Book include Chapter 25, Articles 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 18.

Charging Infrastructure and Installation

Guidelines for Getting Started
Are you thinking about adding EV charging infrastructure? Residents and businesses looking for additional information about the process may refer to the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guidelines, a document compiled by City staff intended to support private and public infrastructure that accommodates use of EVs. It also reflects best practices from a variety of regional and national sources. The guidelines are encouraged but not required and are subject to change as technological advances evolve charging infrastructure for EVs.

Istallation Requirements
Are you ready to install EV charging infrastructure? Residents and commercial businesses must obtain proper electrical permits and follow the City's permitting process. 
View the Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Installation Application Process

EV Resources for Residents

If you are an Oakdale resident who is considering purchasing an electric vehicle, Drive Electric Minnesota encourages you to think about your driving patterns, consider where you will charge your vehicle, and compare available EVs. The PlugStar Shopping Assistant by Plug In America can help you start to narrow down your electric vehicle and charging needs. 

Below are additional resources for residents:

Charging station map: The U.S. Department of Energy provides an interactive map of EV charging stations that are available for public use throughout the United States and Canada.

At-home charging: Xcel Energy offers an EV Charging 101 guide to answer common questions about charging an electric vehicle. Xcel also provides a Home Charging Advisor to help estimate charging needs, as well as several EV charging programs and a list of partner electricians experienced in installing Level 2 chargers for EVs.

Vehicle buyer’s guides:

Credits and incentives: The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act changed the rules regarding federal tax credits for the purchase of an EV. Clean Energy Resource Teams offers a guide to the Inflation Reduction Act to help buyers understand its clean energy initiatives.

General information: The Minnesota Department of Transportation is working to meet increased statewide demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, as outlined in the 2022 Minnesota Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

Questions about batteries? Check out the following articles:

EV Resources for Businesses

In addition to those available for residents, businesses looking to add charging infrastructure or to electrify their fleet may reference the following resources: