Can I have a grill on my deck or patio?

In private single-family homes there are no restrictions regarding use of grills on decks or patios. If, however, you live in a multi-unit building (i.e.: townhome or apartment), please check with your homeowners association or building management on rules about having a grill on your deck or patio.

Barbecuing in any environment presents certain hazards so please follow these tips to reduce the likelihood of starting a fire: .

  • Store charcoal briquettes in a dry area because damp or wet charcoal is sensitive to spontaneous heating once dried.
  • Charcoal briquettes should be allowed to cool naturally a safe distance from structures and combustible materials and then disposed of properly.
  • Charcoal lighter fluid should be properly stored, away from living areas of the home.
  • The use and storage of barbecue grills should be restricted to the outdoors. Never use barbecue grills for home heating or indoor cooking.
  • Propane cylinders shall be stored outside at least 10 feet from building openings such as windows and doors.

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