There's a Storm Drain Near My Home; What Do I Need to Know?

Anything washed from your property into the street goes into storm drains and ultimately ends up in our wetlands, lakes, ponds and waterways. Some of the things that are contaminating our wetlands, lakes, ponds, and waterways include: oil and gasoline, grass clippings and fertilizer, pet droppings, leaves, paint and toxic household products. Although it may seem somewhat harmless to pour a bit of old paint or spilled fertilizer into the storm sewer, please consider that the plants and wildlife that depend on water to survive and to thrive are being adversely affected. Become a Storm Sewer Steward for the storm sewer near your property by removing leaves, grass, trash that collect at the grate. Should you see someone considering putting something other than water into the storm drain, please email Public Works or call 651-730-2740.

Easy to remember: Only Rain in the Drain!

Consider Adopting the Drain!

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