Load Limits Contractor Information


Pursuant to Minnesota State Statutes 169.87 Subd.1, and Oakdale City Code Section 12.4, all city roads are assumed to be seven (7) tons/axle unless posted otherwise.  Signs reflecting these restrictions are posted at the main entrances to the City.

Overweight loads will be allowed to be temporarily downsized within the first 150 feet of entering the restricted area. This can be accomplished by partially unloading material near the curb or boulevard and using cones or flares to mark the materials until the truck returns to shuttle the material.

Permits Will NOT be given out routinely. They will be considered only under extraordinary circumstances - contractors or suppliers are expected to downsize loads.  A minimum 48 hours notice is required, as well as a fee of $40.00/per trip (note: a trip is one time in and one time out). We will try to accommodate you in the most timely manner we can - however, be aware we do not always have staff available to sign off on permits - hence the 48 hours rule.  Permit applications may be obtained at City Hall (1584 Hadley Avenue North). Be advised by applying for an overload permit, you are accepting responsibility for any damage done to the road and costs associated with repairing the road. 

Weight enforcement vehicles will be equipped with portable scales certified by the State of Minnesota, Department of Weights and Measures. Vehicles will also be in direct contact with the Oakdale Police Department.

The City of Oakdale is under no obligation to allow an overweight vehicle to deliver an overweight load after being issued a ticket.  The overweight vehicle can be required to leave the area if the operators cannot downsize their load at the weighing site.

Any questions regarding these policies, or if you require additional information, should be directed to the following:

Jim Romanik
Public Works Manager

Matt Williams
Streets and Fleet Superintendent