Safety Information

The Oakdale Fire Department offers a variety of information on ways you can keep you and your family safe.

Recreational Fire Safety

One of our most frequently asked questions is about backyard and recreational fire guidelines. Backyard/recreational fires are allowed when:

  • The base of the fire does not exceed three feet in diameter.
  • Flames do not exceed two feet in height.
  • Fire is contained in a fire ring of noncombustible material.
  • Fire ring is located at least 25 feet from any structure.
  • Water source is in close proximity.
  • Fire is attended until extinguished.
  • Burning only clean, dry wood; not treated lumber, leaves, trash, furniture, etc.
  • Fire should not produce smoke that causes discomfort to or negatively impacts neighboring properties. If there is discomfort or a negative impact, please call 911.

Watch the video below from Oakdale's fire department on recreational fire safety.

Grilling Safety

  • Single family homes have no restrictions where grills may be located. Common sense dictates that they be situated outdoors and several feet away from any structure.
  • Apartments and Multi-Family Housing: Check with your management company to learn where grills may be located.
  • View Grilling Safety Tips (PDF)

Turkey Fryer Safety

  • Make sure there is at least two feet of space between the liquid propane tank and fryer burner.
  • Never use a propane fryer in, on, or under a garage, porch, deck, or any structure that can catch fire.
  • Cover any of bare skin when adding or removing food from the fryer.
  • Completely thaw and dry turkey before placing it into the fryer.
  • Check oil temperature frequently; if oil begins to smoke, immediately turn off gas supply.
  • If fire occurs, call 911 immediately; do not attempt to extinguish the fire with water.