Temporary Storage

Before your temporary storage container arrives, please register it using the form provided below.

Container Rules:

  • Container shall remain on the property for no more than 60 days; 
  • Container must be placed or parked on a paved or gravel area unless the main structure is being constructed and a driveway has not yet been installed; in this case, the Container shall be placed or parked in the proposed driveway location;
  • Container must be placed or parked entirely on private property as close to the main structure as possible; not on any roadway, sidewalk, right-of-way, or other public property, or blocking any site lines;
  • Container must be placed or parked at least five feet from any property line;  
  •  A total of two containers may be placed or parked on a property at one time, with a maximum of two occurrences allowed for an individual property in a calendar year; 
  •  Dumpsters, dumpster bags, roll-off containers, and tubs shall be regulated under Chapter 6 of the City Code.

Temporary Storage Container Registration

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