Lost and Stolen Property

The City of Oakdale Police Department is partnering with Foundrop, a free service that helps owners recover lost and stolen property and focuses on reuniting community members with items that are most important to them. Foundrop allows the Oakdale Police Department to upload its inventory of unclaimed property to a nationwide, searchable database. If Oakdale residents or businesses are missing property, they should consider looking for it on Foundrop. The Foundrop database is free to view and search. 

View City of Oakdale Unclaimed Property

In addition to a searchable database, Foundrop allows Oakdale residents and businesses to upload an inventory of their valuables before they go missing. Only trusted groups can see contact information that is submitted, and no one can view inventoried property. Users control their privacy. The Oakdale Police Department encourages the community to utilize this tool before a crime is committed. 

If you have located lost or stolen property, please contact the Oakdale Police department by visiting the department lobby during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM).