Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Installation Permit Application Process

The City of Oakdale provides the following steps to ensure that charging stations can be installed with minimal effort.

Vehicles with internal charging units can plug into existing 120 volt receptacles and do not require modification to the electrical system. The installation of EVSE directly wired to the electrical system will require a permit. The steps in the permitting process are outlined below.

Steps to Obtain a Permit

  1. Apply for an Electrical Permit 
  2. Fees due when the permit is issued:
    • Residential: A single trip or costs of circuits added, whichever is greater.
    • Commercial:

Residential EVSE Installation (Single Unit Only)

The installation of a residential single unit EVSE will be issued as a standard electrical permit. This is to help ease the permit process. The homeowner can opt to have the station installed by a licensed electrical contractor or the homeowner can install it. 

Licensed Contractor - needs:

  • Minnesota Electrical Contractor’s License
  • Contractor License Number

Commercial EVSE Installation

Licensed electrical contractors are required for commercial installations. Units installed will require review by City of Oakdale zoning staff. 

Information required for the Commercial Permit Application

  • Proposed Work: “Install electric vehicle supply equipment”
  • Project Address: Include street  number; PO Box is not allowed
  • Plot Plan: Show location, proposed work, and identify station brand and type (station should be UL listed)
  • Engineer Design of Multiple System (information required):
    • Manufacturer data sheet
    • Third party listing
    • Number of units to be installed
  • Americans with Disabilities Act must be complied with in all design submissions
  • Licensed Contractor – needs
    • Minnesota Electrical Contractor’s License
    • Contractor License Number


Please review the Building Permits Inspections Page for more information on scheduling an inspection.