Landscaping & Drainage

Before starting a landscaping project, please take a moment to learn more about the boulevard and easements on your property and any restrictions you need to know about. To find out the size of the boulevard and the location and size of easements for your property, please call the Engineering Division at 651-730-2732.


Boulevards are part of the street right-of-way and are used for the installation and maintenance of sewer and water lines and to store snow plowed from the streets during the winter. So as to not interfere with maintenance, planting trees or bushes in the boulevard is not allowed. Underground sprinkling systems may be placed in the boulevards; however, the City is not responsible for any damage to the system as the result of maintenance performed in the boulevard area.


Easements allow certain rights on a property. Drainage easements give the City rights to regular drainage; utility easements give utility companies rights to install utilities in this area. Plantings such as trees and bushes may be placed in easements provided they do not change or interfere with the drainage. The City does not encourage extensive plantings or landscaping in easement areas because of potential drainage problems and because the City or utility companies will not replace plantings or landscaping removed or damaged during work in the easement area.

Working in Easement Areas

Any work that may change or interfere with the drainage on the easement - or any other part of the property, should first be approved by the Engineering Division before work is started. The telephone number is 651-730-2732.

Before digging or disturbing or excavating soil, you are required to call Gopher State One Call at 811 at least 48 hours prior to commencing work. This is necessary to prevent damage to underground wires, pipes, etc., and, most importantly, for personal safety. Failure to call could result in civil court action.

Seeding & Sodding 

Turf needs to be established within 60 days of the City issuing a Certificate of Occupancy, excluding the time between October 1 and May 1. Until turf is established, it is also important that silt fence or hay bale erosion control be maintained. Questions? Please call Building Inspections at 651-739-5150.